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Hello, my name is John and my wife is Jennifer, and we’ like to take a moment to talk about Hemp Maiden and CBD and us in general. We are the co-founder’s of Hemp Maiden. We met and were married in GA while I served in the USMC. Through the course of our marriage we lived in 8 states across the US and made many wonderful friends. We have also somehow accumulated 8 children (yes, 8, that is not a typo). I am currently and have been a computer programmer since 2005. Jennifer has been actively engaged in working with ImprovingBirth.org, running several online groups, and is now progressing toward obtaining a medical doctorate. So why Hemp Maiden? and why now?

Our Story

Our story starts about 2002 when I began noticing symptoms which eventually developed into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). At the beginning, it would only last a day or two, but it was enough to take notice. Doctor appointments were fruitless, so we took the search of wellness into our own hands as much as possible. We tried body cleanses, dietary changes, supplements, allergy tests, sleep tests, and so on, and so on, and so on. The symptoms increased over the next 10 years, going from running marathons to not being able to walk to the kitchen without help.

A really long story short, we finally got a positive diagnosis of Lyme disease. But 2 clinics later and tens of thousands of dollars down, improvements were nothing but nominal. But, apparently, third time really is the charm and we found a clinic in Lubbock TX (Veritas Medical) where some of the remaining pieces in this very long journey to wellness were finally uncovered. 15 years later I was finally getting better instead of getting worse. In many ways, it felt as though I were waking from a coma.

CBD Enters the Stage

We learned that finding ways to effectively reduce stress is an important part of healing. Of course, that can be tricky in a family of 10 and maintaining employment. Trying new things became quite common as our research became more refined. However, I must admit, I was a little surprised when my wife brought me some CBD for the first time. I’m a very lucky man.

After all, how many guys have a wife that would buy them cannabis! And guess what. It not only worked but it worked great and with no side effects! We subsequently spent some time researching CBD; it’s complicated relation with THC; it’s plethora of valuable uses; and it’s dark history in America. We were appalled and astounded discovering how it was driven underground by corporate corruption influencing politics.


Lyme disease is a very politically charged medical issue (see Under Our Skin). My honest feelings are that I, like many others, have had our government turn their backs on us in order to shake hands with rich corporations for personal gain. However, this isn’t about Lyme Disease, this is about cannabis. I mention all this because when we unravelled the history behind cannabis in the US, we felt an instant connection. The cannabis plant also is a victim of corporate greed and its influence in politics.

Cannabis had been classified as a “schedule 1” drug by the DEA, right next to heroin and LSD. However, this is no documented case in which cannabis was the cause of death. It does not insight violence or cause cancer or participate as a contributor to organ failure as does alcohol and tobacco. In fact, it even has positive and healthy affects. But, if it’s not this “devil’s drug” like it’s been made out to be, why is it illegal? The answer is simply: competition. Competition against paper industry, clothing, fuel, plastics, ropes, medicinal, nutritional, and so much more.

We just didn’t feel like there is much we could do about the politics behind Lyme Disease. However, we did feel the country’s current political climate is beginning to push back against the corporate/political powers. Our motivation to get involved and provide education to both the public and our political representatives on the reality of cannabis grew and grew. Hence, the birth of Hemp Maiden.

Our Vision for Hemp Maiden

Our vision for Hemp Maiden is to have small store fronts in cities across the country.The true desire is to focus, albeit not exclusively, on hiring single women with children or women with children whose family requires supplemental income. We want the shops to be child friendly with a small play area, homeschool area, or other entertainment dedicated to the individual needs of the store manager. But, our primary focus in the hiring process would be:

   1) To find people who are active in their community. People who are willing to set up farmers markets or meat buys; finding local artisans in which to sell products such as soaps or local honey; or starting up fund raisers or rallies to bring attention to whatever flavor of topic is important for them. The idea is to be active!

   2) To find people who are not afraid to stand behind their political opinions. We want an open community in which people can not only just discuss their opinions but are willing to pick up signs and get involved. For example, if the Hemp Maiden community wanted to join with an Improving Birth Rally in Washington, DC then we would collectively close down our stores, and if possible, provide means for participants to attend.

The path to full legalization of hemp without stipulation in the US is going to be a journey and one we know we can not do on our own. We will need help from people all across the country working together for a common cause: To improve the quality of life. We can NOT sit back and expect wealthy government officials to “Make America Great Again.” A country is only as great as its citizens. For now, please join us and offer support by liking our facebook page here.

Our Hope

We know what it means to struggle as we wonder if we can make it to the next paycheck. Our hope to establish a company where its primary concern is its employees. That we can do our part in helping people and politicians understand how important the cannabis plant can be for our country and the world. Our hope is that we can help pave the way for new businesses in creating hemp paper, clothes, plastics, and fuel for our vehicles for a healthier planet. Our philosophy, our vision, our goals, our hope for Hemp Maiden extend way beyond the wonder health benefits of CBD, but we have to start somewhere and CBD is amazing!

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