Pure Bliss Organics<br>White Chocolate Raspberry Energy Bites


Organic Hemp Energy Bites
Luscious white chocolate, raspberries and cashew better with protein power from hemp, amaranth and brown rice protein.

Net wt 4.5 oz

Contains no CBD or THC

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It’s not rude to smile with your mouth full. We take it as a compliment. At Pure Bliss Organics, we make food that is fuel for fun. We start with pure ingredients like hemp, flax and amaranth that give you energy naturally while spreading some good juju back to our planet. We carefully disguise good decisions in deliciousness so you’ll be too busy chowing down to give yourself a pat on the back. Nourish your body and soul, and smile while enjoying the feeling of Pure Bliss.


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White Chocolate Raspberry Energy Bites”

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