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Today is Election Day!

The American government is one that is designed in such a manner as to allow us to govern ourselves. We control who gets elected, and then these officials establish the laws by which we live. If we do not vote, we leave it open for others to govern for us. This can then lead to bitterness and a feeling of distance from those who have been elected. That’s when the government becomes ‘they’ and not ‘we’.

One of our primary goals for Hemp Maiden is to help provide a place for the political advancement of the legalization of all hemp products- their sale, growth, and manufacture, in all 50 states. The best way to do this is to start at home. After the elections, we intend to make appointments with every federal and state representative of Texas to have a face-to-face discussion. We’ll be dedicating a page on our website to reporting the results of our meetings. We will outline who our legislators are and their stances on hemp. Once we have met with everyone in Texas, it will be on to the next state!

I have recently had my thoughts turned to this topic of the term “nationalist”. A “nationalist” and a “patriot” are two very different people, and having had served in the US Marine Corps, the distinction is very important. A nationalist is one who places their culture and interests above all other nations. A patriot is one who loves, supports, and defends their country. This means a patriot is one who loves their country, while a nationalist hates (or looks down on) all others.

I bring this up because our country is like no others. We bear the weight of all cultures. Therefore, if anyone is to be a true American patriot, they must love, support, and defend all cultures that exist in America no matter how different they may be to yours. A nationalist perspective may work in other countries but NOT in this one. It’s one thing having small groups of various “nationalists” expressing their opinions in their own way, but it’s something else completely when we elect these nationalists to be our representatives.

It is imperative that we research our candidates and make sure we are electing patriots. We want those who will fight for the rights of all the people in their jurisdiction and not just for those of a particular social class, gender, age, race, religion, or beliefs on sexual orientation. We are a diverse people and that’s what makes us so great! No politician could EVER make America “great again”. That burden is on us: the people.

Please, get involved and vote!

John Jeppson
Owner, Hemp Maiden

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