Organic 100% New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls

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Our organic, 100% New Zealand Wool dryer balls are an eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets and and liquid fabric softeners!

These large felted dryer balls are reusable for 100+ dryer loads and will gently separate and soften your load while reducing wrinkles and drying time. Each pack comes with a set of 6 large dryer balls, perfect for small (2 dryer balls), medium (4 dryer balls), or large loads (all 6!). They also come with a handy, all-cotton storage bag for when not in use.

Note- While many companies may suggest the use of essential oils on their dryer balls to freshen or perfume a load, we do NOT recommend you do so. The burn temperature of most, if not all, essential oils is lower than the temperature your dryer will reach thus turning any essential oils added into a fire hazard. If you’d like to use essential oils with your laundry, we suggest adding them in the wash to your dry or wet detergent.


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